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(If there’s a grammar mistake, please let me know and I’ll fix it ;-;)

Wow, guys.

I guess this has been sorta inactive, hasn’t it. :/

Personally, I don’t think I’ll be contributing much any time soon, but I’m just one of the people running this.

I’m about to go through and accept a bunch of image submissions.

(And if any other mod people read this feel free to correct me or hit me over the head or whatever. ^^”)

Thanks guys.


Hey there. Again, if you honestly could care less, just scroll past this.

Anyway, Im closing the ask box again! I went away for three days, and now there are over 100 messages. So yes, I promise your submission is probably in there (it’s only not if it’s too close to something we’ve already gotten, or inappropriate.)

Also, sorry about the lack of posts recently. They will be back with gusto, just not right now. I plan on devoting my entire Saturday to this, so that should help, and when the other girl gets her internet back (if she ever does), then they’ll come alot faster.

Thanks for staying with me, guys!!!